CircWood (on wood cascading for climate change mitigation)


The aim of CircWood is to model the effect that recirculating wood products within the built environment has on the sustainability of wood use.

In this context, recirculating means recovering and reusing or recycling wood products as materials before energy recovery, following cascade principles. More specifically, the project will investigate how, by adopting Design for Disassembly (DfD) in wood construction, a greater proportion of wood products can be reused and environmental benefits can be achieved. It is expected that, by adopting DfD principles, the potential of wood products to mitigate climate change can be enhanced (through carbon storage and substitution effects) and that greater value can be added to wood products through their reuse (in line with EU and national circular economy strategies).

The project is funded by the Ministry of the Environment within the Wood Building Programme.

Further information: Prof. Mark Hughes ( 

hanke luotu 29.01.2019


wood constructionwood cascadingDesign for DisassemblyLife Cycle Thinkingclimate change mitigation