Wood Vision 2025


Wood Vision 2025: Comparing coherence and efficiency of policies around wooden multi-storey construction between Finland and Austria is a collaborative research project that explores the barriers to, and opportunities for, increasing the share of wooden multi-storey construction (WMC) in the construction markets, via policy measures, coordination and enhanced collaboration between the actors. The time frame of the project is 2018-2019.

Wood Vision 2025 aims to

  • Identify relevant policy processes, actors and implementation of different policies supporting WMC value creation in a comparative context
  • Identify bottlenecks and enablers in these policy processes, especially from the viewpoint of innovation system
  • Identify areas of and opportunities for better policy support and coordination, facilitating the growth in WMC

The project is led by the Department of Forest Sciences, University of Helsinki. The project partners with an Austrian research institute, BOKU (University of Natural Resources and Life Sciences). The contact person is prof. Anne Toppinen, Dept. of Forest Sciences, University of Helsinki (+358 50 415 0219, anne.toppinen(at)helsinki.fi).

hanke luotu 13.04.2018


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